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Facility Rentals


facilitiesrentals.pngAny group, organization or individual ("Renter") must complete a Contract for Rental of School Property ("Contract"), provide an Insurance Certificate and pay usage fees according to their user classification (p. 1). If a Renter is claiming non-profit status, a copy of the non-profit certificate and/or a copy of a 501(c)(3) status letter must be attached to the Contract (p. 4).

The Insurance Certificate MUST include the name of the Renter’s insurance company, policy number, valid effective dates, coverage of no less than $1,000,000 liability for bodily injury and property damage and no less than $100,000 Damage to Rented Premises, and the “Scottsdale Unified School District” named as “Additional Insured” on the Certificate (p. 4).

For most Contracts, the Renter must pay all facility, personnel, and equipment fees plus utility surcharges prior to the scheduled use of the facilities (p. 11).

Procedural Steps: Contact the school of your choice at least one month prior to your event. The school will verify space and date availability, determine your classification and appropriate fees, and help you complete a Contract. To avoid delays in processing your contract, please be sure to attach your Insurance Certificate, proof of non-profit status (if applicable), and a check for all appropriate fees (pp. 3-12).
The school will secure the signatures of the Principal and the Facility Coordinator, and then send the Contract and all attachments to the Facilities Department at the district office (p. 5).
The Facilities Department will review the Contract for completeness and accuracy. Any incorrect or incomplete Contracts will be returned to the school, thus delaying approval. The Facilities Department will deposit the collected monies and invoice any outstanding balances due from the Renter. Once the Chief Financial Officer approves and signs the Contract, copies will be returned to the school for distribution to the Renter and to appropriate school personnel (p. 5). 

Please Note:  A renter may not use any facilities unless the Chief Financial Officer, on behalf of the District, has first signed the Contract (p. 1).