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On November 4, 2014 Scottsdale voters overwhelming passed our Maintenance and Operations Override.  The override allows the district to increase its budget by 15 percent of the state formula, which is called the Revenue Control Limit. This will increase funding by $10,875,400. Overrides are in place for five years with a two year phase out.

M&O Override dollars allow the District to directly increase its spending in the classroom which equates to hiring additional teachers and decreasing class sizes by three across the District. Additionally the override funds assistant principal positions, free full day kindergarten and “specials” in the elementary schools (art, music and PE), band and strings in the middle schools.  Override dollars also provide all employees a 2% salary equivalent increase.



award (1).pngCertificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting
The Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) International for its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). This is the 21st consecutive year the District has earned this award.

Click here to view the ADE's web site for the District's proposed budget summary.


smallpdflicon.jpg 2016-2017 SUSD Adopted Budget 06/22/2016
smallpdflicon.jpg 2016-2017 SUSD Proposed Budget 06/08/2016


smallpdflicon.jpg 2015-2016 SUSD Revision 2 Budget 06/22/2016
smallpdflicon.jpg 2015-2016 SUSD Revision 1 Budget 05/13/2016
smallpdflicon.jpg 2015-2016 SUSD Adopted Budget 07/15/2015
smallpdflicon.jpg 2015-2016 SUSD Proposed Budget 06/10/2015


smallpdflicon.jpg 2014-2015 SUSD Revision 2 Budget 05/13/2015
smallpdflicon.jpg 2014-2015 SUSD Revision 1 Budget 12/09/2014
smallpdflicon.jpg 2014-2015 SUSD Approved Budget 06/24/2014
smallpdflicon.jpg 2014-2015 SUSD Proposed Budget 06/03/2014


smallpdflicon.jpg 2013-2014 SUSD Revision 3 Budget 05/13/2014
smallpdflicon.jpg 2013-2014 SUSD Revision 2 Budget 12/10/2013
smallpdflicon.jpg 2013-2014 SUSD Revision 1 Budget 09/10/2013
smallpdflicon.jpg 2013-2014 SUSD Adopted Budget 06/25/2013
smallpdflicon.jpg 2013-2014 SUSD Proposed Budget 06/11/2013


smallpdflicon.jpg 2012-2013 SUSD Revision 2 Budget 05/20/2013
smallpdflicon.jpg 2012-2013 SUSD Revision 1 Budget 12/11/2012
smallpdflicon.jpg 2012-2013 SUSD Adopted Budget 06/19/2012
smallpdflicon.jpg 2012-2013 SUSD Proposed Budget 06/05/2012



smallpdflicon.jpg 2011-2012 SUSD Revision 2 Budget 05/09/2012
smallpdflicon.jpg 2011-2012 SUSD Revision 1 Budget 12/08/2011
smallpdflicon.jpg 2011-2012 SUSD Adopted Budget 06/14/2011
smallpdflicon.jpg 2011-2012 SUSD Proposed Budget 05/31/2011



smallpdflicon.jpg 2010-2011 Revision 2b Budget 05/10/2011
smallpdflicon.jpg 2010-2011 Revision 1 Budget 12/07/2010
smallpdflicon.jpg 2010-2011 Adopted Budget 06/15/2010
smallpdflicon.jpg 2010-2011 Proposed Budget 06/01/2010