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Honors Approach

Sequoya Explorers


Welcome to Explorers at Sequoya 

Here at Sequoya we honor each child's learning and our goal is to encourage every student to reach his or her potential. We know that many times a student might have knowledge beyond what is being taught in the classroom. Some students might have interests that they want to explore over and above the units that are being studied. Sequoya Explorers is a program for those students. Mrs. Payne will work with the teachers to challenge all students, but especially those who have been tested and qualify as "gifted." 
Students who qualify as gifted have scored a 97% or higher on the CogAt test or the NNAT2 test. If you are interested in learning more about that test, which will be administered here at Sequoya in early 2016, please check with your child's teacher. The deadline for applying for the test is NOVEMBER 20, 2015.
Explorers will have opportunities to extend their math learning with problem solving and real world situations that use math. They will participate in Book Clubs where they will explore challenging literature as a cooperative group using deep discussion to further understand their reading. Explorers will get a chance to create their own science or social studies projects and work on a contract basis with Mrs. Payne, creating a product that interests them. Sequoya Explorers will take learning to a deeper level and challenge themselves to inquire, create, and better understand the world around them.

Students who qualify for gifted services and students who show high potential will work in small groups within the classroom with Mrs.Payne and their own classroom teacher. There will also be times when these students are "pulled out" for STEM and enrichment learning opportunities. All of our teachers are working on Professional Development towards their gifted endorsement. Our goal is that ALL students are engaged and empowered to reach their potential or beyond and that every classroom provides challenging opportunities for ALL.



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