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Phone: 480-484-7100 | Absence Line: 480-484-7299 | Fax: 480-484-7101
Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm | School Hours: 7:45am - 2:20pm
Ann Achtziger, Principal | 
Sarah Barela, Daniel Milligan & Kraig Leuschner, APs

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Saguaro Staff Directory



 Name Email Dial 480-484-7100 first
Ann Achtziger Mail-icon.png 7107 Principal                                             
Daniel Milligan Mail-icon.png 7106 Assistant Principal - Educational Services
Sarah Barela Mail-icon.png 7104 Assistant Principal - Student Services
Kraig Leuschner Mail-icon.png 7109 Assistant Principal-Athletic Director
 Officer Matt Hereen Mail-icon.png  7116  SRO-School Resource Officer
 Office Staff
Name Email Ext. Title
Dede Johnston Mail-icon.png 7166 Bookstore Manager
Luci Barnes Mail-icon.png 7149 Guidance Assistant/Attendance
Marilyn Bergs Mail-icon.png 7103 Student Services Administrative Support
Vicki Boyd Mail-icon.png 7100 Reception Desk
Linda Chapple Mail-icon.png 7105 Educational Services Administrative Support
Brynne Sheehan Mail-icon.png 7119 Psychologist
Lori Jacques Mail-icon.png 7107 Administrative Secretary/webmaster
Cindy Breen Mail-icon.png 7113 Registrar/Transcripts
Nancy Tillinghast Mail-icon.png 7111 Nurse
  Mail-icon.png 7118 Community Specialist
Frank Ruben Mail-icon.png 7108 Athletics and Facilities / Administrative Support
Karey Browne Mail-icon.png 7133 Social Worker
Brandee Chan Mail-icon.png 7162 College and Career Coordinator
Nagui Sabbagh Mail-icon.png 7161 Equipment Manager
 Guidance Department
Name Email Ext. Title
Brandee Bergen Mail-icon.png 7123 Guidance Counselor
LeAnne Carter Mail-icon.png 7121 Guidance Counselor
Donna Wittwer Mail-icon.png 7120 Guidance Counselor
Cindy Breen Mail-icon.png 7113 Registrar/Transcripts
 Luci Barnes Mail-icon.png 7149 Guidance Assistant/Attendance
 Career and Technical Education Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Matt Bohnert Mail-icon.png 5373 Marketing/Graphic Design/Yearbook /DECA/Photography
Marcy Cameron Mail-icon.png 5136 Nursing Assistant and Health Care /Teacher
Abby Waddoups Mail-icon.png 5360 Media Production/Tech Theatre
eLearning Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Brent Downs Mail-icon.png 5367 E-Learning Class Support
David Mietzner Mail-icon.png  5372  Credit Recovery
 English Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Caryn Bird Mail-icon.png 5173 English Teacher
James Brown Mail-icon.png 5179 English Teacher/Stugo Advisor
Alyssa Muir Mail-icon.png 5180 English Teacher
Carol Richardson Mail-icon.png 5172 English Teacher
Jessica Davies
Mail-icon.png 5184 English Teacher
Michelle Spears Mail-icon.png 5174 English Teacher
Jeremy Thornton Mail-icon.png 5168 English Teacher
 Emily Chylinski  Mail-icon.png  5183  English Teacher
 English Immersion Studies Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Lynn Gerardo
Mail-icon.png 5175 EIS Resource Teacher/Department Chair
 Library Staff
Name Email Ext. Title
Gail Oper Mail-icon.png 7126/7127 Teacher Librarian
 Math Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Donna Alcorn Mail-icon.png 5359 Math Teacher
Shannon Chappell Mail-icon.png 5352 Math Teacher
Roxanne Desrochers Mail-icon.png 5377 Math Teacher
Peter Hayes Mail-icon.png 5386 Math Teacher
Eric Heideman  Mail-icon.png 5378 Math Teacher
Amy Johnson Mail-icon.png 5307 Science and Math Teacher
Mariann Kline Mail-icon.png 5353 Math Teacher/Dept.Chair
Gladis Roa Mail-icon.png 5354 Math Teacher
Kevin Walz Mail-icon.png 5384 Math Teacher
Brian Stegall Mail-icon.png 5362 Math Teacher
 Fine Arts Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Rebecca Egyud Mail-icon.png 7155 Dance Teacher
Rachel Gasper
Mail-icon.png 7157 Band Director
Michelle Peacock Mail-icon.png 5319 Art Teacher
GayLin Tutnick Mail-icon.png 7158 Vocal Music Director/Dept.Chair
Eileen Wright Mail-icon.png 5132 Piano/Orchestra/Guitar Teacher
Abby Waddoups Mail-icon.png 7170 Theater Teacher/Media Productions
 Physical Education Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Chris Young Mail-icon.png 7151 Physical Education Teacher-Coach
Paul Glonek Mail-icon.png 7151 Physical Education Teacher-Coach
Jason Mohns Mail-icon.png 7159 Physical Education Teacher-Coach
Kelly Allen Mail-icon.png 7152 Physical Education Teacher-Coach
Nickie May Mail-icon.png 7328 Athletic Trainer
Bob La Rue Mail-icon.png  7151  Boys Basketball Teacher-Coach
 Science Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
 Susan Lindberg Mail-icon.png 5311  Science Teacher
Heather Moll Mail-icon.png 5324 Science Teacher/Dept Chair
Amy Johnson Mail-icon.png 5307 Science and Math Teacher
Susan Lindberg Mail-icon.png 5302 Science Teacher/Robotics
Derek Nietz Mail-icon.png 5301 Science Teacher
Camilo Tafur Mail-icon.png 5326 Science Teacher
Brittany Williams Mail-icon.png 5304 Science Teacher
Sean Collier Mail-icon.png 5330 Science Teacher
Anne Milligan Mail-icon.png 5325 Science Teacher
 Social Studies Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Ashley Crose Mail-icon.png 5155 Social Studies Teacher
Tammy Dias Mail-icon.png 5156 Social Studies Teacher
Mike Harris Mail-icon.png 5159 Social Studies Teacher
Bob LaRue Mail-icon.png 5162 Social Studies Teacher /Dept. Chair
Earlene Roemer Mail-icon.png 5164 Social Studies Teacher
Ian Stephan Mail-icon.png 5165 Social Studies Teacher
 Special Education and Special Services Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Joe Muecke Mail-icon.png 5117 Special Ed-Autism Teacher
Isabelle Caspari Mail-icon.png 5104 Speech Language Pathologist
CieAna Gomez Mail-icon.png 5107 LRC Teacher
Colin Gregan Mail-icon.png 5119 LRC Teacher
Margie Hass Mail-icon.png 5105 LRC Teacher
Stephanie Hock Mail-icon.png 5115 Special Ed-Autism Teacher/Dept. Chair
Lisa Sanders Mail-icon.png 5113 Hearing Impared Itinerant Teacher
Samantha Trivelli Mail-icon.png 5115 Special Ed-Autism Teacher
Todd Sweeda Mail-icon.png 5182 Success
Karen Glenn Mail-icon.png 5113 LRC Teacher
 World Languages Department
Name Email Ext. Subject
Masami Rivera-Rios Mail-icon.png 5153 Japanese Teacher
Erin Dahl Mail-icon.png 5120 Spanish Teacher
Lynette Slagle Mail-icon.png 5121 French Teacher
Jennifer Harmon Mail-icon.png 5123 Spanish Teacher/Dept. Chair
Graeme Fox Mail-icon.png 5153 Russian Teacher
Xiao Qi Mail-icon.png 5154 Mandarin Teacher
Diana Goff Mail-icon.png 5125 Spanish Teacher
Steven Flanagan Mail-icon.png 5124 Spanish Teacher