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Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm | School Hours: 8:45am - 3:15pm
Dr. Katie Root, Principal | Brooke Williams, Assistant Principal
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Laguna Staff Directory



 Administration + Office
  Email Title
Katie Root Mail-icon.png Principal
Brooke Williams Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal
  Email Title
Ann Moeschler Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Coordinator
Bertha Muniz-Nunez Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Assistant
Robin Larraza Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Assistant
  Email Title
Jennifer Bethke Mail-icon.png Teacher
Stacy Kosednar Mail-icon.png Teacher
Nancy Reck Mail-icon.png Teacher
 1st Grade
  Email Title
Gwen Boor Mail-icon.png Teacher
Kris Dieball Mail-icon.png Teacher
Debbie Hawkins Mail-icon.png Teacher
 2nd Grade
  Email Title
Sarah Clor Mail-icon.png Teacher
Catalina Jones Mail-icon.png Teacher
Carrie Miller Mail-icon.png Teacher
3rd Grade
  Email Title
Amanda Chilcher Mail-icon.png Teacher
Geraldine Coates Mail-icon.png Teacher
Sandra Richardson Mail-icon.png Teacher
 4th Grade
  Email Title
Abbey Bobbett Mail-icon.png Teacher
Linda Graham Mail-icon.png Teacher
Jennifer Moore Mail-icon.png Teacher
 5th Grade
  Email Title
Hannah Kaufman Mail-icon.png Teacher
Laura Quisberg Mail-icon.png Teacher
Brian Vogan Mail-icon.png Teacher
  Email Title
Stephen Hannaman Mail-icon.png P.E. Teacher
Taylor Ruyffeleare Mail-icon.png General Music Teacher
Karena Snow Mail-icon.png Art Teacher
Stephanie Shamy Mail-icon.png Gifted Teacher
Mark Winans Mail-icon.png Band Teacher
Bethany Cross Mail-icon.png Strings Teacher
Tina Gossen Mail-icon.png Library Assistant
Barbara Geha Mail-icon.png Library Assistant
Early Learning  
Julie Berry Mail-icon.png Early Learning 1's
Blanca Marquez Mail-icon.png Early Learning 2's
Tekla Borner Mail-icon.png Pre-School 3's
Alexandria Martella Mail-icon.png Pre-K 4's
Robin Wynne Mail-icon.png Panda Teacher
Jill Fahlgren Mail-icon.png Panda Para-Professional
Special Education
  Email Title
Lisa Hildreth Mail-icon.png School Psychologist
Charles Deffendall Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher
Marsha Crossman Mail-icon.png ALC Special Education Teacher
Tracy Mosbarger Mail-icon.png Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Carolyn McCormick Mail-icon.png Speech Language Pathologist (K-5)
Aimee Edwards Mail-icon.png PANDA Speech Language Pathologist
Sarah Martinez Mail-icon.png EIS Teacher
Kathy Anderson Mail-icon.png Adaptive P.E.
Special Services
  Email Title
Lisa Hildreth Mail-icon.png School Psychologist
Diana Gaddie Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Marilyn Kurtz Mail-icon.png Occupational Therapist
Janice Herman Mail-icon.png Physical Therapist
Melinda Johnson Mail-icon.png Plant/Custodial Manager
Patty Smith Mail-icon.png School Nurse
Lynn Swanson Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant-Computer Labs
Gary Wojton Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Donna Johnston Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant- Science Lab
Caroline Craig Mail-icon.png Kids Club
Ronald Brewer   Crossing Guard/Noon Aide