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Dr. Christopher Thuman, Principal | Erin Kadera, Assistant Principal
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Ingleside Staff Directory



Name Email Title
Dr. Christopher Thuman Mail-icon.png Principal
Erin Kadera Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal
Name Email Title
DeAnne Bluhm Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Assistant - Attendance
Laura Stiles Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Assistant - Registrar
TBD   Administrative Support Coordinator
Student Services
Name Email Title
Shelbi Baros Mail-icon.png School Psychologist
Rebecca Franson Mail-icon.png School Nurse
Cheryl Guthrie Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor:  All Grades (Last names A - L)
Leticia Pereda Mail-icon.png School Community Specialist, BL
Dana Molnar Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor:  All Grades (Last names M - Z)


Language Arts
Name Email Subject
Traci Avalos Mail-icon.png 7th Grade Language Arts  &  Literary Pursuit
Lori Baumgarten Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Language Arts
Shalese Doan Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Language Arts
Stacey Greene Mail-icon.png Gifted Language Arts / INN News
Ashley Williams Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Language Arts
Andrena Meeks Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Language Arts
Wesley Wagner Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Language Arts
Name Email Subject
Shaun Scott Mail-icon.png 7th Grade Math
Eric Dimmery Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Math/Algebra I
Sandra Downey Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Math
Chris Hain Mail-icon.png STEM
Lynzi Stralek   6th Grade Math 
Neal Replogle Mail-icon.png 7th/8th Grade Math
Kristin Threet Mail-icon.png 7th Grade Math
Name Email Subject
Matt Benson Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Science
David Berger Mail-icon.png 7th Grade Science
Tom George Mail-icon.png 7th Grade Science
Chris Hain Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Science
Jena Krahl Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Science
D'Anne McDaniel Mail-icon.png Gifted Science/8th Grade Science
Lauren O'Hanesian Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Science 
 Social Studies
Name Email Subject
Ari Blankstein Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Social Studies
Amber Emr Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Social Studies 
Ann Engle Mail-icon.png 7th Grade Social Studies
Brittany Kreisman Mail-icon.png 6th/7th/8th Gifted Social Studies
Michael Maltese Mail-icon.png 8th Grade Social Studies
Gina Scarlata Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Social Studies
Dr. Jamie Boarder Mail-icon.png 7th Grade Social Studies
Name Email Subject
Kay Berry Mail-icon.png Computer
Donald August Mason Mail-icon.png French Exploratory/Spanish Exploratory 
Brittany Kreisman  Mail-icon.png  Yearbook
Kimberly Landwehr  Mail-icon.png Librarian
Terra Hunsicker Mail-icon.png Band
Sally Jepson Mail-icon.png College and Career Enhancement / Computer
Susan Leonard Mail-icon.png Physical Education
Martina Horton  Mail-icon.png Spanish I Heritage/Spanish Exploratory
Sammy Brauer Mail-icon.png Chorus
Rachel Mazzullo Mail-icon.png Orchestra
Charity Recla Mail-icon.png Visual Art
Richard Yeager Mail-icon.png 6th Grade Physical Education
Lisa Berkson Mail-icon.png Japanese I
Chelsea Miller Mail-icon.png Japanese Exploratory 
Rachelle Ramage Mail-icon.png Public Speaking and Debate 
Linda Rittenhouse  Mail-icon.png Spanish I/ French I
Tony Stillings     7th/8th Grade Physical Education 
 Special Education
Name Email Title
Catherine Ames  Mail-icon.png ALC
Angela Rand Mail-icon.png LRC
Paula Still  Mail-icon.png LRC
Kathy Sherrie   Para-Ed
Elizabeth Valenzuela   Para-Ed
Gloria Jaros   Para-Ed
Lourdes Charland    Para-Ed
Name     Email Title
Dena Tuffarelli  Mail-icon.png ELD 
Katherine Benda Hioki Mail-icon.png EIS Support 
Anne Bork  Mail-icon.png Speech 
 Special Services
Name Email Title
Jane Slone Mail-icon.png Cafeteria Manager
Bruce Freeman Mail-icon.png Facilities Coordinator
Jason Guyan   Facilities Services
Mark Harrington Mail-icon.png School Resource Officer (SRO)
Roni Scholz Mail-icon.png Instructional Coach