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Dr. Lisa Hirsch, Principal | Stephen Cervantez, David Vines, Alisha Bradford & Christopher Perry, AP's

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DMHS Staff Directory



Name Email Title
Dr. Lisa Hirsch Mail-icon.png Principal
Jill Paweski Mail-icon.png Administrative Assistant / School Web Author
Alisha Bradford Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal /9th Grade Attendance and Discipline
Lisa Zaragoza Mail-icon.png Administrative Assistant / Athletics / Facilities
Stephen Cervantez Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal / Athletics - 11th Grade Attendance and Discipline
Chris Perry Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal - 10th Grade Attendance and Discipline
Sharon Cobley Mail-icon.png Administrative Assistant
Sarah Anderson Mail-icon.png Administrative Assistant
David Vines Mail-icon.png  Assistant Principal - 12th Grade Attendance and Discipline
 Office Staff
Name Email Title
Cindy Bitcon Mail-icon.png Office Assistant / Reception
Nate Herbert Mail-icon.png School Resource Officer
Keith Laeder Mail-icon.png Plant Manager
Chrys Mesoloras Mail-icon.png Office Assistant / Attendance
Ben Paweski Mail-icon.png Office Assistant / Attendance
 Bookstore Staff
Name Email Title
Kelley Bowlin Mail-icon.png Bookstore Assistant
Bev Pundsack Mail-icon.png Bookstore Manager
Name Email  Title    
 Kim Ritivoy Mail-icon.png Cafeteria Manager    
 Guidance Department
Name Email Title
Mary Cole Mail-icon.png Office Assistant
Leanne DeFay Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Gary Griggs Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Amy Hashimoto Mail-icon.png Registrar
Mary Loftus Mail-icon.png College and Career Center
Michelle Okun Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Paige Phelps Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Megan Reddell Mail-icon.png  Guidance Counselor
 Health Center
Name Email Title
Louize Evans Mail-icon.png Nurse
Cheryl Chelius Mail-icon.png Health Assistant
 Career and Technical Education Department
Name Email Subject
Bernie Fritts Mail-icon.png CTE Teacher
Neal Johnson Mail-icon.png CTE Teacher
Eric Nilsson Mail-icon.png CTE Teacher
Pam Paul Mail-icon.png Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Jon Pulli Mail-icon.png CTE Teacher Teacher
 English Department
Name Email Subject
Emma Flitton Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Jamie Henry Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Beth Insko email.png English Teacher
Amanda Kalkstein Mail-icon.png English Teacher / STUGO
Laura Kamka Mail-icon.png English Teacher / IB Coordinator
Sheri North Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Elisa Paltenghe email.png English Teacher
Howard Peterson Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Terence Richard email.png English Teacher
Michelle Schulke Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Kevin Sheh Mail-icon.png English Teacher / Newspaper
Rebekah Snygg-Carrasco Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Anita Walters Mail-icon.png English Teacher / Newspaper
Jessica Winget email.png English Teacher
 English Immersion Studies Department
Name Email Subject
Richard Vernezze Mail-icon.png English Immersion Teacher
 Library Staff
Name Email Title
Lee Payne Mail-icon.png Branch Manager
Christina Hicks Mail-icon.png Librarian Instructional Specialist
 Math Department
Name Email Subject
Thomas Dinsenbacher email.png Math Teacher
Carline Fried Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Darryl Fulmer Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Jennifer Gardner email.png Math Teacher
Lindsay Gilbert Mail-icon.png  Math Teacher
John Kettelwell    
Kyoko Krumwiede Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Amanda Lochmiller Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Christina Murray Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Brent Riegsecker Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Catherine Sherry Mail-icon.png Department Chair / Math Teacher
Mitchell Smith Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Cathy Streiff Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Suzanne Weinberg Mail-icon.png  Math Teacher
 Performing Arts Department
Name Email Subject
Michelle Irvin Mail-icon.png Teacher / Band Director
Jennifer Moore Mail-icon.png Department Chair / Teacher / Choir Director
Marilyn Mumaw Mail-icon.png Theater Teacher
Liza Noriega Mail-icon.png Dance Teacher
 Physical Education Department
Name Email Subject
Danielle Lester Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher
Paul LoBianco Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher
David Sedmak Mail-icon.png  Physical Education Teacher
 Science Department
Name Email Subject
Keith Blackman Mail-icon.png Science Teacher
Brandon Bogardus Mail-icon.png Science Teacher
Dean Johnson Mail-icon.png Science Teacher
Shawn Jones Mail-icon.png Biology/IB Biology
Jeff Kuperschmidt Mail-icon.png Anatomy Teacher
Haavard Nilsen Mail-icon.png Biology Teacher
Stacey Rosenfeld Mail-icon.png Department Chair Chemistry Teacher
Lucus Strohmeyer Mail-icon.png Science Teacher
Tom Vining Mail-icon.png Physics/Astrophysics Teacher
Jackie Wells Mail-icon.png Science Teacher
 Social Studies Department
Name Email Subject
Reno Edgington Mail-icon.png AP and IB Psychology Teacher
Janet Emond Mail-icon.png  Social Studies Teacher
Amanda Faigin Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Chris Fredericks Mail-icon.png US and AZ History Teacher/Pre IB US and AZ History
Mike Huddleston Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Tyler Knox Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Richard Thomas Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Kameron Trapp Mail-icon.png  Social Studies Teacher
Paul Wimmer Mail-icon.png Department Chair / Social Studies Teacher
 Special Education and Special Services Department
Name Email Subject
Claudette Barton Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Donna Borbolla Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Janet Bourjos Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Cecilia Dubose Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Yvette Elia Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Claudia Engelson Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Cindy Gagnon Mail-icon.png Speech/Language Pathologist
Katrina Gonnerman Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Cindy Guillaume Mail-icon.png Teacher/ LRC / Department Chair
Patrick Hartzel Mail-icon.png  Teacher
Emily Jaynes Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Deborah Lane Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Noreen McClellan Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Penny Oko Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Laural Onstott Mail-icon.png  Teacher/ LSC
Natasha Pasic Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Jane Pittit Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Margie Richards Mail-icon.png Teacher/ALC/ Department Chair
Vince Rio Mail-icon.png Teacher
Cara Rood Mail-icon.png Speech/Language Pathologist
Cindy Saliola Mail-icon.png Teacher
Betty Schroeder Mail-icon.png Teacher
Meg Shaughnessy Mail-icon.png Instructional Assistant
Bonnie Steinberg Mail-icon.png Itinerant Teacher for Visually Impaired
 Visual Arts Department
Name Email Subject
Katherine Anderson Mail-icon.png Department Chair / Teacher
Stewart Pearce Mail-icon.png Teacher
Anne Wilkins Mail-icon.png Teacher
 World Languages Department
Name Email Subject
Raiza Andarcia Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Jennifer Bath email.png Spanish Teacher
Jesus Cruz Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Chris Johnson Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Maribelle Salazar Mail-icon.png  Spanish Teacher
Veronique Rader Mail-icon.png French Teacher