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Phone: 480-484-6800 | Fax: 480-484-6801 | Attendance: 480-484-6807
Office Hours: 7:00am -3:30pm | School Hours: 7:45am - 2:20pm
Alyssa Tarkington, Principal
David Huffine, Paul Ferrero & Liza Sejkora, Assistant Principals

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Coronado Staff Directory



Name Email Title Phone Number
Alyssa Tarkington Mail-icon.png Principal 480-484-6810
Paul Ferrero Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal Education Services


David Huffine Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal for Student Services / Athletic Director 480-484-6804
Liza Sejkora Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal for Student Activities / Testing Coordinator  480-484-6806
Office Staff
Name Email Title  
Laurie Abdo Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Technician for Student Services & Athletics 480-484-6803
Nancy Gatewood Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Coordinator 480-484-6808

Krista Demetrulias

Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Technician for Education Services & Testing 480-484-6805
 Susan DeVito Mail-icon.png Registrar 480-484-6812
Catalina Moreno Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Assistant for Reception and Guidance 480-484-6800
School Support Services
Name Email Title  
Tony Perea Mail-icon.png Senior Facility Coordinator 480-484-6815
Jason Baca Mail-icon.png Senior Facility Technician - Night 480-484-6815
Cindy Allen Mail-icon.png Bookstore Manager 480-484-6848
Kathy Mutschler Mail-icon.png Cafeteria Manager 480-484-6824
Guidance Department
Name Email Title  
Roy Chamberlin Mail-icon.png Counselor - A-D and AVID 480-484-6819
Kathy Baumann Mail-icon.png Counselor E-N 480-484-6818
Julie Stephan Mail-icon.png Counselor O-Z 480-484-6817
Jennifer Soltis Mail-icon.png Social Worker 480-484-6821
Rebecca Rivera Mail-icon.png School Community Specialist/Translator 480-484-6822
Libby Tallarico Mail-icon.png Higher Education Center 480-484-6823
Dr. Charles Kaprolet Mail-icon.png School Psychologist 480-484-6809
Health Center
Name Email Title  
Kristine Kovacs Mail-icon.png Nurse 480-484-6811
Marsha Liebling Mail-icon.png Health Assistant 480-484-6811
Instructional Support 
Chandra Bewtra Mail-icon.png Math Support   480-484-6800 x6775
Nicholas Gearing Mail-icon.png Instructional Coach 480-484-6800 xTBA
Marty Long Mail-icon.png Native American Education 480-484-6800 x6747
Name Email Title/Subject  
Jessica Winget Mail-icon.png AVID Site Coordinator/9-10th grade AVID Teacher 484-6800 x6756
Greg McMullin Mail-icon.png 11th grade AVID Teacher 484-6800 x6713
Holly Henning Mail-icon.png 12th grade AVID teacher 484-6800 x6754
Business / Career and Technical Education Department
Name Email Title/Subject  
Constance Jackson Mail-icon.png Yearbook / Photography Teacher 484-6800 x6773
Barbara Langham Mail-icon.png eLearning 484-6800 x6706
Wendy Paez Mail-icon.png JAG Teacher 484-6800 x6749
Tessa Powell Mail-icon.png Intro to Sports Med Teacher 484-6800 xTBA
Tom Roxborough   Mail-icon.png  Math / Software Development / CIS Teacher  484-6800 x6771
English Department
Name Email Title/Subject  
Darin Beracy Mail-icon.png Department Chair/English Teacher 484-6800 x6761
Holly Henning Mail-icon.png English Teacher 484-6800 x6754
Jordan Johnson Mail-icon.png English Teacher 484-6800 x6757
Alexandria Weber Mail-icon.png English Teacher 484-6800 X6758
Terrence Richard Mail-icon.png English Teacher 484-6800 x6760
Jessica Winget Mail-icon.png English Teacher 484-6800 x6756
Name Email Title/Subject  
Barbara Langham Mail-icon.png E-Learning Teacher 484-6800 x6706
English Immersion Studies
Name Email Title/Subject  
Lisa McCandlish Mail-icon.png EIS Resource Teacher 484-6800 x6739
Gary Garcia Mail-icon.png EIS Resource Teacher 484-6800 x6740
Freshmen Transition Program
Name Email   Title/Subject  
Janine Helton Mail-icon.png Freshmen Transition /Math Teacher 484-6800 x6772
Jordan Johnson Mail-icon.png Freshmen Transition/English Teacher  484-6800 x6757
Lisa McCandlish Mail-icon.png Freshmen Transition/EIS Teacher 484-6800 x6739
Erika Mills Mail-icon.png Freshmen Transition /Science Teacher 484-6800 x6718
Library Media Center / 21st Century Community Learning Center (DEAL)
Name Email Title  
Fran Prather Mail-icon.png Teacher Librarian, School Web Author, DEAL/21st Century Community Learning Center Site Coordinator 480-484-6826
Math Department
Name Email Subject  
Bill Chrisman Mail-icon.png Math Teacher 484-6800 x6780
Mina Hakami Mail-icon.png Math Teacher 484-6800 xTBA
Michael Hart Mail-icon.png Math Teacher 484-6800 x6776
Janine Helton Mail-icon.png Department Chair/Math/Freshmen Transition Teacher 484-6800 x6772
John Kettlewell Mail-icon.png Math Teacher 484-6800 x6778
Eric Lathrop Mail-icon.png Math Teacher 484-6800 xTBA
Neal Replogle Mail-icon.png Math Teacher 484-6800 x6770
Tom Roxborough Mail-icon.png Math/Software/CIS Teacher 484-6800 x6771
Performing Arts Department
Name Email Subject  
Schultz Bennett Mail-icon.png Department Chair/Band Director 484-6862; 484-6800 x6788
Sammy Brauer Mail-icon.png

Choir Director / Orchestra Director

484-6861; 484-6800 x6787
Hutton Peck Mail-icon.png Dance Teacher 484-6800 x6799, x6790
Physical Education Department
Name Email Subject  
Grace Althoff Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher 484-6855
Buck Holmes Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher 484-6856
Ryan Dyer Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher 484-6856
Sam Urshel Mail-icon.png Equipment Manager - Gym 484-6850
Boys Athletic Office     484-6800 x6853
Girls Athletic Office     484-6800 x6854
Science Department
Name Email Subject  
Ariana Gowda Mail-icon.png Science Teacher 484-6800 x6715
Tiffany Olson Mail-icon.png Science Teacher 484-6800 x6727
Greg McMullin Mail-icon.png Science / AVID Teacher 484-6800 x6713
Erika Mills Mail-icon.png Department Chair/Science Teacher 484-6800 x6718
Tricia Mitchell Mail-icon.png Science Teacher 484-6800 x6723
Launa White Mail-icon.png Science Teacher 484-6800 x6716
Social Studies Department
Name Email Subject  
John Bundy Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6731
Steven Conrady Mail-icon.png Department Chair / Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6732
Justin Slover Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6753
Wendy Paez Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6732
Jerry Troutman Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher 484-6800 x6752
Special Education and Special Services Department
Name Email Subject  
Kay Albrecht Mail-icon.png LSC Department Chair/LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6786
Hyrum Borrego Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6876
Anthony Cirelli Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6783
Dawnn Wojcik Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6749
Amy Adams Mail-icon.png SUCCESS Teacher 484-6800 x6738
Michelle Halverstadt Mail-icon.png LRC Department Chair/LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6765
Liz Hughes Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6789
Kelly James Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6766
Lisa Lacy Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6796
Leslie Loughlin Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6721
Penny Martin Mail-icon.png Speech Language Pathologist 484-6800 x6737
Shannan McClure Mail-icon.png Life Skills Teacher 484-6800 x6798
Amber McClendon Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6764
Joanne Morantz Mail-icon.png Itinerant Teacher for Visually Impaired 484-6800 x6795
Karen Piniotes Mail-icon.png Itinerant Teacher of the Hearing Impaired 484-6800 x6743
Erica Reynolds Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher  484-6800 x6763
Kathy Richardson Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher 484-6800 x6782
Jay Taska Mail-icon.png Itinerant Teacher for Visually Impaired 484-6800 x6785
Eric Thurston Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher 484-6800 x6794
Stacey Parker  Mail-icon.png SUCCESS Teacher  484-6800 x6709
 Mark Schumaker  Mail-icon.png  LRC Teacher  484-6800 x6709
Student Government (STUGO)
Name Email Subject  
Jessica Winget Mail-icon.png Student Government Advisor 484-6800 x6756
Visual Arts Department
Name Email Subject  
Carson Bilger Mail-icon.png Art Teacher 484-6800 x6724
Connie Jackson Mail-icon.png Photography Teacher 484-6800 x6773
World Languages Department
Name Email Subject  
Yvonne Pasek Mail-icon.png Department Chair/Spanish Teacher 484-6800 x6745
Linda Rittenhouse Mail-icon.png French/Spanish Teacher 484-6800 x6743

Aya Jakeo 

Mail-icon.png Japanese Teacher 484-6800 x6741
Susan Manning-Peretz Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher 484-6800 x6744
Masami Rivera-Rios Mail-icon.png Japanese Teacher  484-6800 x6741
Credit Recovery
Name Email Subject  
Karin McLeod Mail-icon.png Counselor 484-7914
Jennifer Ramsden Mail-icon.png SOL Admin Support Coordinator 484-7905
John Brubaker Mail-icon.png Science 484-6800 x6707
Emma Burch Mail-icon.png Language Arts 484-6800 x6832
Jeremy Parenteau Mail-icon.png Social Studies 484-6800 x6707
Roger Stidham Mail-icon.png Math 484-6800 x6705
Kathleen Wallin Mail-icon.png Social Studies 484-6800 xTBA