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The CRS Way

CRS has always pledged to create a safe and caring environment for all students.  In an effort to provide a positive school climate, our staff and students will continue following the CRS Way, designed within the framework called Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).

CRS students understand and abide by a matrix of positive behaviors when they are in their classroom, hallway, cafeteria, restroom, on the playground/court, and other areas (including buses) around our campus.  Banners of behavior are hung in each of these areas and teachers classrooms and teachers have committed to teaching their students the positive behaviors they are expected to demonstrate at school.  The CRS Behavior Matrix is below:

CRS WAY MATRIX (800x479).jpg

 From time to time, students do not make the right choices for their behavior.  The PBIS framework provides CRS staff with a common language for the redirection of minor behavior infractions and major behavior infractions.  Minor behavior infractions are redirected in the classroom.  Major behavior infractions are referred to our Administration through an Office Discipline Referral (ODR).

It is critically important to recognize students for their positive behavior.  We encourage students through the slogan "Showing the CRS Way, Every Student, Every Day!" Please take some time to preview with your child the positive behavior expectations described on the Copper Ridge Behavior Matrix.  Ask your child questions to make sure s/he understands the expectations in different places around the school.  Encourage your child to show the CRS Way:  Character, Responsibility, and Safety.  The Copper Ridge staff appreciates your continued support and involvement in our shared goal of a safe and caring learning environment.