Gifted Testing Details

Gifted Testing Details
May 22, 2017

1. There needs to be at least 12 months between individual tests. A child can only be tested once per school year on a particular test. The district offers 2 different tests:

a. The CogAT (Cognitive Achievement Test) which takes more than one     setting to complete. The test results provide a percentile score for three areas…verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative of general ability.

b. The NNAT2 (Naglieri nonverbal test) is strictly a nonverbal test and the results provide a percentile score in the nonverbal area of general ability. This test takes just one setting to complete.


*There is a short description of each test on the gifted website. Parents can also go online to find more information about each.


2. The district is offering a special testing session this July. Deadline to register online is July 9, 2017. Testing dates include July 17-20 at Mohave District Annex, 8500 E. Jackrabbit Rd. in Scottsdale

3. To register online, go to , scroll down to “gifted programs” and the website will walk you through how to register to test. Parents will need their child’s student ID# and will need to choose which test for their child to complete.

4. Testing will also occur this coming school year. Specific dates have not been determined at this time. There will be a fall testing session (usually this only includes grades 3-8), a winter testing session (all grades K-8) and a blanket 2nd grade testing session (this occurred in February of this school year).

5. Parents always have the option to have their child tested outside the district. This needs to be done by a “licensed” psychologist. Copies of the official results will need to be sent to SUSD’s gifted services to determine eligibility for gifted services. If a parent shares this documentation with you, please place a copy of the forms in my box and I will forward the forms to the correct people.

6. New students coming from outside the district that have been gifted tested and passed will need to share official documentation from their district or licensed psychologist (the official results that were shared with them). Once SUSD receives a copy of the official results, they will determine eligibility for gifted services.