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Dress Code


Cheyenne Traditional School 
Uniform Standard of Dress
Approved by the Scottsdale Governing Board - June 7, 2005 (Revised Nov. 2011)

Standard of Dress
Cheyenne Traditional School has a standard of dress for kindergarten through eighth grade students. The standard of dress gives the school a positive and distinctive identity and reflects the values of the school and community. Students are required to conform to the dress standard each day. 

Acceptable shirts are school collared polo shirts, collared dress shirts or collared blouses.  Spirit shirts (Fridays Only),
Shirts must be plain solid navy, light blue or white.
Logos, writing, stripes or other graphics are not allowed on shirts.  Exception:  Shirts imprinted with the Cheyenne logo are acceptable.
Shirts must have sleeves.  Cap sleeves are not allowed.
Shirts must be tucked in at all times.   Shirts must be long enough to stay tucked in.
Shirts must be modest.   Shirts should not be tight, extremely large, or see-through.
Shirts may be layered as long as they all are the same dress code color, fit and style and are tucked in.  Mixing colors by layering is unacceptable.
Mock or full turtlenecks are not allowed.
Sweatshirts and sweaters may be worn over dress code shirts.
All sweatshirts and sweaters worn on campus must be a plain solid navy, light blue or white and must fit properly.
Logos, writing, stripes or other graphics are not allowed on sweatshirts or sweaters.  Exception:  Sweatshirts or sweaters imprinted with the Cheyenne logo are acceptable.
Non-dress code sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies (whether zippered or pull-over) CANNOT be worn on campus.
In cold weather, non-dress code winter coats and jackets are allowed on campus but are not to be worn inside the buildings.
Acceptable pants at school are uniform style slacks.
Pants must be a plain solid navy blue or tan (khaki)
Logos, writing, stripes or other graphics are not allowed on pants.  Pants may not be decorated with rhinestones, glitter, or extra embroidery that is a different color than the pants original stitching.
The waistline of all pants must sit at or above the top of the hip bones.
Pants and/or shorts must fit properly.  Sagging pants and/or shorts if immodestly tight are not allowed.
Sweats, denim or knit pants are not allowed.
Girls are allowed to wear capris that are dress code color, fit and style.
Acceptable shorts at school are uniform style.
Shorts must be a plain solid navy blue or tan (khaki)
The waistline of all shorts must sit at or above the top of the hip bone.  Shorts must hang no lower than just below the knee.  Shorts must hang no higher than three inches above the knee cap.
Rolling of shorts/skirts is unacceptable.
Acceptable skirt, skorts or jumpers at school are uniform style.
Skirts must be a plain solid navy blue or tan (khaki)
Skirts must hang no higher than three inches above the kneecap.
Shoes must be worn while at school and be a matching pair. 
Shoes must be fully closed (front and back) properly tied (if necessary) and cannot have a heel higher than one inch.  Shoe height must be at or below the ankle. 
Boots are unacceptable.
Shoes must be worn with tights or socks.  Tights must be solid white or navy.
Socks for boys and girls must be solid white, navy blue or black.  NO LOGOS.
Socks must be matching and may not extend onto or above the knee.
Hair must be neatly groomed with no extreme cuts, styles, or coloring.
No hair adornments (such as feathers, headbands with over-sized flowers, beads)
Anything worn in your hair needs to be tan (khaki), navy blue or white.  This includes headbands, scrunchies for ponytails and ribbons.
Baseball caps, knit fitted hats and neck scarves may be worn OUTSIDE ON THE PLAYGOUND ONLY.
Caps must be worn bills forward.  Knit fitted hats must be plain, solid colors of navy or black.
Belts are to be plain leather or cloth in solid black , brown, white, tan (Khaki) or navy blue ONLY.
Belts and belt buckles may not be decorative or ornate in fashion.  Metal studs, extra rivets, rhinestones, glitter, graphics, writing or logos are not allowed on belts or belt buckles.
Belts must fit normally around the waist and no part of the belt may hang down.
Make Up
No makeup (Grades K-5).  Lip-balm may be worn. 
Grades 6 thru 8:  Light and natural makeup will be allowed.
Light and natural color nail polish will be allowed.
Tattoos or nail art may not be worn.
No Jewelry other than small stud earrings or watches, may be worn         (Grades K-5).  Grades 6 thru 8:  One necklace, one watch or bracelet, one ring and one set of earrings (studs only) may be worn.
Wristbands/sweatbands/wrist cuffs are not allowed.
Lanyards must be solid plain fabric, no embellishments.  Lanyards must be solid navy blue, light blue, white, or black.
Lanyards must have break-away clasp.  Only exceptions to this would be lanyards sold through Cheyenne PTO.
EXEMPTIONS are NOT necessary for patriotic or religious expressions as long as it adheres to the S.U.S.D. Uniform Code of Student Conduct.
Formal uniforms such as cub scouts/boy scouts, brownies, girl scouts and the like are acceptable school attire as long as they meet the dress code requirements.
Formal uniforms can be worn on the day of the specific meeting only.
Middle School athletic jerseys are allowed to be worn on game day only.