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Grace Stombres, Principal | Robert Akhbari, Assistant Principal




The curriculum reflects a common rigorous strand of knowledge and a common teaching philosophy at every grade level. The curriculum includes: Language arts, (phonics, reading, literature, spelling, grammar, writing, penmanship and speaking; mathematics; history and geography; science; art; music; physical education; technology; band and strings (fourth through eighth grade). Special features of Cheyenne Traditional School are:

  • Structured classroom environment in all areas.
  • Teacher-directed instruction as the predominant mode of instruction.
  • Phonics-based reading program using the Spalding Language Arts method.
  • Linear, sequential curriculum delineated into specific subject areas and expanded from year to year.
  • Textbook-based instruction guided my Common Core National Teaching Standards.
  • High standards for student discipline and classroom behavior.
  • Elevated grading scale.
  • Spanish is a required academic area grades sixth through eighth.


The purpose of homework is to provide an opportunity for students to practice and review concepts that have already been taught in the classroom. The homework policy will include homework four days per week that is age appropriate, purposeful, promotes study skills, reinforces learning, and serves as a communication tool between the teacher and parent. Guidelines for time are: Kindergarten-1, up to 15 minutes; 2-3, 30-40 minutes; 4-5, average 60 minutes; 6-8, average of 90-120 minutes; plus independent reading time at every grade level.

Grading Scale

A = 93%  - 100%

B = 84% - 92%

C = 72% - 83%

D = 60% - 71%

F = Below 60%