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Phone: 480-484-6500 | Fax: 480-484-6501
Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm | School Hours: 7:45am - 2:20pm
Gayle Holland, Principal
Amanda Logan, Katie O'Boyle, Clint Bushbaum, & Tom Eubanks, Assistant Principals

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Chaparral Staff Directory



 Name Email Title
Gayle Holland Mail-icon.png Principal
Priscilla Traynor Mail-icon.png Principal's Secretary
Katie O'Boyle Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal/Educational Services
Marian Root Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Technician/Educational Services
Tom Eubanks Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal/Athletic Director/School Safety
Kimberly Brooks Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Technician/Athletics 
Amanda Logan Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal/Student Activities
Clint Bushbaum Mail-icon.png Assistant Principal/Student Services-Testing/Attendance
Lisa Casillas Mail-icon.png Administrative Support Technician/Student Services/Student Actvities
Attendance & Front Office
 Name Email Title
Stephanie Stirniman
Mail-icon.png Receptionist/Attendance Clerk
Lisa Drollinger Mail-icon.png Attendance Clerk
Devon Lines Mail-icon.png Campus Officer - Scottsdale Police Department
Claudette Barton Mail-icon.png Copy Center Clerk
 Name Email Title
Jill Stewart Mail-icon.png Bookstore Manager
Vicki Ruby Mail-icon.png Bookstore Assistant
 Guidance Department
 Name Email Title
Keri Board Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Leslie Rold Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Katie Kunitzer Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Janine Welch Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
David Winkle Mail-icon.png Guidance Counselor
Shanna Sadeh Mail-icon.png School Psychologist
Alana Verdugo-Noto Mail-icon.png Guidance Office Assistant
Tammy Anderson Mail-icon.png College & Career
Lisa Cole Mail-icon.png Registrar
 Career and Technical Education Department
 Name Email Subject
Steve Geislinger Mail-icon.png Technology Teacher
Ashley Holian Mail-icon.png Culinary Teacher
Pam Paul Mail-icon.png Hospitality Teacher
Paul Wheeler Mail-icon.png Sports Medicine
Theresa Thornburgh Mail-icon.png Business Teacher
 English Department
 Name Email Subject
Alex Adrian Mail-icon.png English & Journalism Teacher
Rachelle Anderson Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Kitty Beder Mail-icon.png English Teacher- Dual Enrollment
Kim Bostrom Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Brad Dicus Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Sandy Flayton Mail-icon.png English Teacher
John Francois Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Scott Hammond Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Carolyn Herring Mail-icon.png English Teacher
David Isenberg* Mail-icon.png Dept Chair/English Teacher
Lori Jordan Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Catina Lewis Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Chris Marsh Mail-icon.png English Teacher
Angela Velazquez Mail-icon.png English Teacher
 Name Email Subject
Lynn Gerardo Mail-icon.png EIS
 Family and Consumer Sciences Department
 Name Email Subject
Ashley Holian Mail-icon.png Culinary Arts I Teacher
Name Email Subject
Teresa Smith Mail-icon.png Teacher Librarian
 Math Department
 Name Email Subject
Sharon Akin Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Ted Anderson Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Casey Boerner Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Van Do Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Ramsin Gabrail Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Beatrice Hecht* Mail-icon.png Dept. Chair/Math Teacher
Karilee Jeantet Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Richard Krzyzanowski Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Jonathan Lofgren Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Sam Messina Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Joseph Olney Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Daniel Peterson Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Carrie Sendlein Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Savi Tavassoli Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
Krystal Yeager Mail-icon.png Math Teacher
 Nurse's Office
Name Email Subject
Patrice Phillips Mail-icon.png Health Center Nurse
Beth Troxler Mail-icon.png Health Center Nurse
Katy Woyner Mail-icon.png Health Center Assistant
 Performing Arts Department
 Name Email Subject
Ed Como* Mail-icon.png Dept. Chair/Theater Teacher
William Endsley Mail-icon.png Piano Teacher
Sandy Flayton Mail-icon.png Theater Teacher
Jennifer Mireau Mail-icon.png Band Teacher & Director
Sarah Owens Mail-icon.png Dance Teacher
Nathan Richard Mail-icon.png Choir & Orchestra Teacher
 Physical Education Department
 Name Email Subject
Bob Defeyter Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher
Julie Fetterley Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher
Marcy Sanchez Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher
Terrence Tillett Mail-icon.png Physical Education Teacher
 Science Department
 Name Email Subject
Randy Coffer* Mail-icon.png Chemistry Teacher
Connie Davis Mail-icon.png Biology Teacher
Edith Langland Mail-icon.png Biology Teacher
Malcolm Leinwohl Mail-icon.png Biology Teacher
Jennifer MacColl Mail-icon.png Biology and Zoology/Botany Teacher
Katon Kras Mail-icon.png Biology Teacher
Steve Millam Mail-icon.png Physics and Astrophysics Teacher
Taylor Orriss Mail-icon.png Biology/Enviro Science Teacher
Richard Peterson Mail-icon.png Chemistry Teacher
Sadie Puerner Mail-icon.png Chemistry Teacher
Robert Reniewicki Mail-icon.png Physics Teacher
Noël Rosenthal Mail-icon.png Biology Teacher
Paula Sabato Mail-icon.png Earth & Physics Teacher
Micah Sandys Mail-icon.png Biology & Yearbook Teacher
 Social Studies Department
 Name Email Subject
Cort Alcott Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Kristen Andreatos Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Alex Beder Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher/Student Government
Amanda Burbridge Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Andrea Danis Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
David Gonzales Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Nadine LeDuc* Mail-icon.png Dept. Chair/Social Studies Teacher
Sarah Owens Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Twyla Preising Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Jason Speirs Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
James Woods Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
Kenneth Zarda Mail-icon.png Social Studies Teacher
 Special Education Department
 Name Email Subject
Julie Rayyan Mail-icon.png LSC Paraeducator
Shanna Sadeh Mail-icon.png School Psychologist
Tom Bernacik Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher
Paula Bianchi Mail-icon.png Speech
Shawn Despins* Mail-icon.png Dept. Chair/LRC Teacher
Bonnie Gursh Mail-icon.png Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Elizabeth Guthrie Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher
Jodi Hammond Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher
Marilyn Cagan Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher
David Harrell Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher
Laura Carr Mail-icon.png ALC Teacher
Elizabeth Moshofsky Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher
Amy Palatucci* Mail-icon.png Dept Chair/LSC Teacher
Jenna Vinci Mail-icon.png Speech Pathologist
Carol Rayyan Mail-icon.png LRC Secretary
Emily Starrett Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher
Nancy Turell Mail-icon.png Hearing Inpaired
Jessica Walsh Mail-icon.png Special Education Teacher
Erica Weidenmiller Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher
Edward Delima Mail-icon.png LRC Teacher
Michelle Lee Mail-icon.png LSC Teacher
 Special Services Department
 Name Email Subject
TBD  Mail-icon.png IT Support Specialist
 Visual Arts Department
 Name Email Subject
Emily Edwards Mail-icon.png Art Teacher
Eric Johanni Mail-icon.png Art and Photography Teacher
SueAnn Spahr* Mail-icon.png Dept Chair/Art Teacher
Marcy Warner Mail-icon.png Art Teacher
 World Languages Department
 Name Email Subject
Josephine Bender Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Robyn Carlson Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Jennifer Germanaud Mail-icon.png French Teacher
Graeme Fox Mail-icon.png Russian Teacher
Aya Jakeo Mail-icon.png Japanese Teacher
Mavi MacEwen* Mail-icon.png Dept Chair/Spanish Teacher
Heather Moore Mail-icon.png French Teacher
Sharon Patterson Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Daniel Peterson Mail-icon.png French Teacher
Susan Speirs Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Adelayde Wojtowicz Mail-icon.png Spanish Teacher
Zhongyi Yuan Mail-icon.png Mandarin Teacher
Name Email Subject
Richard Langham Mail-icon.png e-Learning Teacher