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Honors Program


Students who are seeking an additional academic challenge are invited to register for honors classes. Honors classes at Chaparral are designed to prepare students to take Advanced Placement courses which are college level curriculum, and with an acceptable score on the AP exam, students may earn college credit. In determining if an honors class is appropriate, Chaparral suggests certain guidelines be reviewed by students and parents as they make the decisions about course selection freshman year.
The most successful honors students have:
  • Strong writing skills that exhibit organization, clarity, and a widely developed vocabulary. Writing should be free from mechanical and grammatical errors.
  • Motivation to read challenging material and complete homework on time. Students should be organized and possess the ability to plan ahead.
  • Maturity to accept constructive criticism and a willingness to adapt to an increased workload
  • Exemplary classroom behavior
Students wanting to enroll in geometry/trig honors must have successfully completed Algebra I and earned an A or B in that class.
Each student’s academic profile and willingness to work hard should be the key determinants in choosing to take honors classes. Students and parents are encouraged to consult with current and past teachers in assessing the most appropriate placement for them in the freshman year of high school.
Suggested Criteria
Grades in English and social studies in both the fall 2012 and the spring 2013 semesters of eighth grade. All As and one B
Reading benchmarks (given quarterly to eighth grade students) Score of 80 percent or above
AIMS Scores Exceeding AIMS standard