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 Attendance Letter

If you would like to check your students "real time" attendance, please visit Parent Vue. Use your ParentVue ID. If you don't have one please call 480-484-6500.

In compliance with state and local laws, policies, and procedures, please be aware of SUSD'S attendance policies (policies can be viewed here). Specifically, Arizona state law says that it is unlawful for any child between the ages of six and sixteen to fail to attend school during the hours school is in session, unless exempt due to extenuating circumstances as outlined in A.R.S. 15-802, 15-803. 

Attendance FAQ's
arrow.gifTo report an absence, please call attendance at 480-484-6600.
  • Parent/Guardian must always call if student will not be in school. You can leave a message on answering machine; we check it all day long.
  • We need student name (please speak clearly and slowly)
  • ID # (it may be helpful to write your students number by our phone number or save in your cell phone)
  • Date, reason, phone #, your relationship to the student
  • We do not need: first hour teacher, homeroom teacher or date of birth
  • Students must always sign in/out in the attendance office if they arrive late/leave early (we need to know what time they arrived so we can excuse to that point and that they are on or off campus in case of lock down or fire type emergencies so we can account for them) or their absence will be unexcused.
arrow.gifIf you are bringing your student in late:
  • You may call and leave a message on the attendance line to excuse them
  • You may send them in with an appointment verification from a doctor/dentist office
  • If you have done one of the above, you do not need to park and come in to sign
  • It is the responsibility of the student to sign-in, in the attendance office, or the absence is unexcused.
arrow.gifIf you need to pick your student up early:
  • Tell them a specific time you will be here before they come to school. We prefer not to call them in class and interrupt instruction time for other students and we do not have runners every period to run a pass to them.
  • Do not text or call them during class times.
  • Have your student pick up their pass in the attendance office prior to class if they are leaving in the middle of a class period. The pass will release them from class.
  • Have them come to the attendance office to sign out and tell us they are leaving, so we can verify we have a call from you giving them permission to leave (we log daily calls if we don’t have a call we will not let them go until we speak with you or someone from your emergency contact card) or the absence is unexcused.
  • We will then release them and they can meet you at the spot you have arranged or they will have a pass to get out of the parking lot.
  • We are a closed campus. Once a student is at school they may only leave for legal or medical/dental appointments and must bring an appointment verification with them when they sign back in (most offices now have them – if not we need something written on prescription, letterhead, copy of co-pay) or the absence is unexcused.
arrow.gifAre absences and tardies counted together?
  • No, they are separate.
  • The 10th absence per class period per semester results in a LOSS OF CREDIT contract.
  • The 10th tardy per class period per semester results in a LOSS OF CREDIT contract.            
arrow.gifDo we need to provide verification of absences?
  • The attendance office recommends keeping all documentation of absences in a file at home in the event that the student is on a Loss of Credit contract and wishes to appeal.
  • The only time verification is required when a student leaves campus for an appointment during the school day. Upon return, verification is required.
arrow.gifWhat is the Appeals process?
  • This is an opportunity for the student to appeal (request) reinstatement of the lost credit.
  • The process is described in the Attendance Appeal Letter which is distributed near the end of the semester.
  • The student will have one week to complete their appeals packet and submit it.