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Todd Stevens, Principal
Stephen Cervantez, John Andrews, Cher Fesenmaier, Assistant Principals
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Staff Directory



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Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Todd Stevens Mail-icon.png 6310 Principal
     Keri Blaker Mail-icon.png 6302    Principal Sec./Admin. Supp. Coord. - Web/Soc. Med. Coord. - Mast. Cal.
John Andrews Mail-icon.png 6303 Assistant Principal - Educational Services
     Haley Boynton Mail-icon.png 6337    Administrative Assistant - Educational Services
Cher Fesenmaier Mail-icon.png 6313 Assistant Principal - Athletic Director, Attendance, School Safety
     Toni Burdette Mail-icon.png 6320    Administrative Assistant - Athletics, Attendance, School Safety
Amy Palatucci Mail-icon.png 6323 Assistant Principal - Student Services, Testing
     Caitlin Miller Mail-icon.png 6321    Administrative Assistant - Student Services, Testing
Rick Dwyer Mail-icon.png 6326 School Psychologist
Vianey Garcia Mail-icon.png 6306 Registrar-Transcripts and Student Files
Tricia Hartenfeld Mail-icon.png 6311 School Nurse
Sonia Otero-Hanley Mail-icon.png 6308 School Community Specialist
Lisa Richards Mail-icon.png 6304 Attendance Coordinator
Officer Mike Rogers Mail-icon.png 6312 School Resource Officer
Guidance Staff 
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
     Nancy DiCarlo Mail-icon.png  6314    Guidance Department Assistant
Kelley Ender Mail-icon.png 6318 Guidance Counselor, AVID Coordinator
Sonya Kim Mail-icon.png 6319 Guidance Counselor, Peer Helping/Leadership (Tavan Tutors)
Pat LaCorte Mail-icon.png 6317 Guidance Counselor, AP Coordinator
Brian Whiting Mail-icon.png 6316 Guidance Counselor
College and Career Center    
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Susan Metzler Mail-icon.png 6364 College & Career Center Advisor
School Support Services
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Terry Blaker Mail-icon.png 6412 Athletic Equipment Coordinator - Freshman Baseball Coach
Jeri Eshelman Mail-icon.png 6309 Lead Security Officer
Penny Kelley Mail-icon.png 6315 Facility Coordinator
Marta Kreutzberg Mail-icon.png 6308 Native American Instructional Support
Eric Magnuson Mail-icon.png 6307 Kitchen Manager
Anne Stevens Mail-icon.png 6374 Athletic Trainer
Kristin Thomas Mail-icon.png 6365 Student Store
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Anna Patterson Mail-icon.png 5600 11th & 12th Grade AVID Lead
Darcy Brodison Mail-icon.png 5261 9th & 10th Grade AVID
Career Technical Education - CTE
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Richard Maxwell Mail-icon.png 6336 Department LeadCreative Musical Arts and Sciences (CMAS)
Dianna Cure Mail-icon.png 5356 Advertising Art
Richard Fairchild Mail-icon.png 6345 Technical Theater
Eric Luse Mail-icon.png 5310 Media Communications, ANN-Live News
Ann Stevens Mail-icon.png 5416 Sports Medicine
Kathleen Wallin Mail-icon.png 5114 Child Development
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Jeff Carpenter Mail-icon.png 5107 Credit Recovery (STEP) - Track Coach
Richard Kronenfeld Mail-icon.png 5108 eLearning
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Kim Mayorga Mail-icon.png 5260 Department Chair, AP Language, AP Literature
Judith Allen Mail-icon.png 5248 English II, III
Darin Beracy Mail-icon.png 5249 TBD
TBD Mail-icon.png 5251 TBD
Jean Leiphart Mail-icon.png 5256 English IV, English for Living
Jason Walsh Mail-icon.png 5245 English II, III
Dave Peterson Mail-icon.png 5258 English IH
TBD Mail-icon.png 5246 TBD
Stacey Shcolnik Mail-icon.png 5354 English 101, 102, IIH
Andrea Stark Mail-icon.png 5247 English IIH, AP Language
Kelsey Tomlinson Mail-icon.png 5250 English I, III, IV
English Language Development (a.k.a. ELL)
Name Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Dena Tufarelli Mail-icon.png 5116 ELD Lead
TBD Mail-icon.png 5118 ELD Instructional Support
Fine Arts
Name Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Richard Heineman Mail-icon.png 5305 Department ChairStudio Art I, 3D II, III, IIIH, IV, APIV
Richard Fairchild Mail-icon.png 5315 Theatre I, II, Tech. ADV.
Jan Gardner Mail-icon.png 5350 Jazz, Marching Band, Orchestra, Percussion, Piano
Nissa Kubly Mail-icon.png 5307 Studio Art I, Photography II, III, IIIH, IV
Tracy Puddy Mail-icon.png 5360 Dance I, II, III, IV, Dance Company
Cira Riccio Mail-icon.png 5308 Studio Art I, Drawing & Painting II, III, IIIH, IV, V
Name Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Shawn Huffman Mail-icon.png  6322 Teacher Librarian
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Jason Foster Mail-icon.png 5605 Department Chair, Algebra I, Integrated Math - Head Softball Coach
TBD Mail-icon.png 5141 TBD
Sarah Boustila Mail-icon.png 5602 Algebra II, IIH, Trig. Pre Cal. - Girls Cross Country Coach
Jacquelyn Bunker Mail-icon.png 5143 Geometry - Head Volleyball Coach
TBD Mail-icon.png 5244 TBD
Jennifer Dukelow Mail-icon.png 5139 Geometry, Calculus BC/AP, Calc IIITrig. Pre Cal.
TBD Mail-icon.png 5309 TBD
Angela Lisa Mail-icon.png 5140 Algebra II, Geometry
Ives Machiz Mail-icon.png 5147 AP Stats, Personal Finance - Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Greg Neely Mail-icon.png 5138 Algebra III w/Trig, Geometry
Anna Patterson Mail-icon.png 5600 AP Calc AB, Geom/Trig Honors
TBD Mail-icon.png 5604 TBD
Michael Topczewski Mail-icon.png 5150 Algebra II, IIH, Trig Pre Cal
Nathalie Vitale Mail-icon.png  6141 Algebra Support, Geometry, Geo/Trig H
Physical Education
Name Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Troy Gerlach Mail-icon.png 6359  Department ChairRes. Train., Baseball - Varsity Baseball Coach
Leonard Abt Mail-icon.png 6357  Basketball, Intro. P.E. Boys/Girls, Badminton, UC Football - Varsity Football Coach
Jeff Carpenter Mail-icon.png 6357  Intro P.E. Co-Ed./Boys - Track Coach
Brittany Kohnke Mail-icon.png 6356 Intro. P.E. Girls, Basketball, Badminton
B.J. Pasquel Mail-icon.png 6358  Intro P.E. Boys/CoEd, Soccer, Badminton
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Carol Tichio Mail-icon.png 5624 Department Chair, Astronomy, Earth Science H, Oceanography
Angie Berk Mail-icon.png 5630 Biology I, Physics I, H
Eric Bodznick Mail-icon.png 5612 Bio Technology I, II, Biology IH
Jim Cox Mail-icon.png 5629 Chemistry IH, Chemistry II AP
Lori Christensen Mail-icon.png 5608 Biology I, Botany, Zoology
David Lowenstein Mail-icon.png 5610 Biology I, Earth Science
Jon Martens Mail-icon.png 5632 Biology IChemistry I
Erica McClurg Mail-icon.png 5623 Chemistry I, Earth Science - Head Swim & Dive Coach
TBD Mail-icon.png 5609 TBD
Caitlin Munn Mail-icon.png  5606 Biology IH, Botany, Zoology
Clifford Nafrada Mail-icon.png 5613 AP Biology II, HPA H - Head Wrestling Coach
Social Studies
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Clayton Guy Mail-icon.png 5269 Department Chair, Economics, Government, Gov. AP, Macro AP
Katie Assali Mail-icon.png 5621 World History/World Geography
Darcy Brodison Mail-icon.png 5261 Econ., Government, AP Psychology
Elizabeth Halverson Mail-icon.png 5263 Intro. Psychology, Intro. Sociology, World History/World Geography
Christopher Kelley Mail-icon.png 5265 World History/World Geography, AP World Hist
Jeff King Mail-icon.png 5272 AP US History and American/AZ History
Shannon Paloma Mail-icon.png 5262 Econ., Gov., History WWII, History Vietnam - StuGo/StuBo Advisor
Christine Thiele Mail-icon.png 5620 American/Arizona History, Econ., Gov.
Jim Wisniewski Mail-icon.png 5270 American/AZ History, World History/World Geography
Special Education
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Jeanne Yeager Mail-icon.png 5125 Department Chair
   Deborah Moody Mail-icon.png 5125 Instructional Assistant
Katharine Campbell Mail-icon.png 5122 LRC, Team Teach Eng. II, Geometry I   
Nancy Dalrymple Mail-icon.png 5124 LRCTeam Teach: Eng. II, ES
Stephen Danford Mail-icon.png 5121 LRC, Team Teach: Eng. I, Per. Fin., Geometry - Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Lisa Foppe Mail-icon.png 5123 LRC, Team Teach: Am./Az., Bio. I
Paula Still Mail-icon.png 5120  LRC, Team Teach: Ocean./Astro., Alg. I
TBD Mail-icon.png 5120 LRC
TBD Mail-icon.png   Itinerant Hearing Services
Paula Bianci Mail-icon.png 5201 Speech Pathologist
Student Government
Name/Bio Email 484+ ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Caitlin Munn Mail-icon.png  5113 StuGo/StuBo Advisor
World Languages
Name/Bio Email 484 + ext# Title/Subject/Webpage
Anne Marie DeFrain Mail-icon.png 5128 Department Chair, Spanish
Lisa Berkson Mail-icon.png 5202 Japanese II, III - Distance Learning
Zosha Falteisek Mail-icon.png 5135 Spanish I, II
Thomas Gabriele Mail-icon.png 5134 Spanish IIIH, IVH, V AP - JV Soccer Coach
Claudina Garcia Villalobos Mail-icon.png 5127 French I
Nan Mang Mail-icon.png 6411 Mandarin IV, V
Diane Waters Mail-icon.png 5126 French II, III, IV H
Judith Zubia Mail-icon.png  5129 Spanish II, Heritage II