Summer Assignments

Check your 2017-2018 schedule. If you have any classes listed here with a smiley, you have a summer assignment.

Summer Assignments
May 16, 2017

Summer Assignments:


This year, summer reading is required at every level of English Language Arts (honors, Advanced Placement & general) with all students entering, or returning to, Arcadia High School in the fall. 

Cool 2017 English I

Cool 2017 English I Honors

Cool 2017 English II

Cool 2017 English II Honors

Cool 2017 English III

Cool 2017 English IV

Cool 2017 AP Language 

Cool 2017 AP Literature

Cool 2017 College English 101-102



Cool Trig Pre Cal Honors

Algebra II Honors

Cool Calculus AB Summer Letter

Cool Calculus AB Summer Assignment

Cool BC Summer Packet 



Cool AP Bio Summer Assignment 

AP Chemistry right arrow.PNG If you haven't received your information packet and review materials from Mr. Cox or Ms. McClurg, please ask for them at the Main Office Front Desk. ~ Thank you!