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When entering the PACT room, you’ll be positive that you’re in Mrs. C’s room. This is where the PACT classes are taught. In PACT, we do amazing things. For example, balancing an egg three inches off the ground with just dry spaghetti, marshmallows, name tags, and straws. We also enjoy other activities such as building structures with straws, solving problems, puzzles or learning new games. Two of our favorite games are Set and Quiddler and you can find them at www.quiddler.com

Some of the other math and science projects done in PACT classes include:

Math Olympiad 
Test your knowledge with these sample Elementary School Level Math Olympiad Problems from previous years:

  1. A fast clock gains 12 minutes every normal hour. If the fast clock shows the correct time at 1 p.m., what is the correct time when the fast clock registers 2 p.m.?
  2. In this multiplication problem, ABCD and DCBA represent four-digit numerals. If different letters represent different digits, what four-digit number is represented by ABCD?
X         9


  1. A normal clock would read 1:50 p.m.
  2. ABCD = 1089