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e  L  E  A  R  N  I  N  G 

SUSD eLearning

elearning.pngIn order to better serve our students with a myriad of course offerings, Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) extends several valuable learning 
methods of delivery led by highly qualified teachers to guide rigorous, relevant instruction for our 21st Century learners. Our flourishing SUSD eLearning programs have many benefits for our students, see your counselor for more details.


Mail-icon.png Dr. Milissa Sackos
Executive Director/Support Services

Mail-icon.png Ariane Cleverly
eLearning IT Program Coordinator


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F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

  • Where do I login to my course?
    Login = https://susd.geniussis.com
    Username = student id
    password = 8 digit birthday (mmddyyyy)

  • If I need technical help in GradPoint, who do I call?
    Call 800-234-5832

  • Who is my teacher and how/when can I contact him/her?
    When you’re set to begin an eLearning course, you’ll be notified by e-mail through the new Genius system. That communication will include your teacher’s name and start date. Your teacher will have office hours and contact information posted within your course, either in an announcement, in a Course Information folder or both. You also will be contacted by your teacher by phone in your first two weeks of class. Your teachers contact information is listed in the Genius dashboard.

  • Do I really have to pass the final exam in order to pass the class?
    Yes. If you do not pass the final exam (with at least 60%), you will fail the class even if you were at 100% prior to the final exam. You must take the final exam at an approved site with an eLearning proctor present. You must bring and present a photo ID to the eLearning proctor in order to verify that you are the one taking the exam. If you are found using notes or cellular devices, or have any other Web sites open at any time during the test, you will automatically fail the final exam and thus also the class.

  • I accidentally submitted a quiz or test before I was finished. What should I do?
    Call or e-mail your teacher and briefly explain what happened. Make sure to include your course code (this goes for all communication to your teacher), and the assignment number, and your teacher can reopen the assignment for you. Your progress may not be saved, though.

  • Can I submit assignments to my teacher via e-mail?
    Unless directly instructed to submit an assignment to your teacher’s e-mail address, please submit work ONLY into the correct assignment in the GradPoint system.

  • How do my parents and I check my grades online?
    You can view your grades and progress on each course and assignment from the Genius login.

  • What are DBA’s and how do I schedule DBA’s?
    DBA stands for “discussion-based assessment” and is also called oral assessments. When you are ready for your first DBA, you will schedule an “appointment” to call your teacher by using Tungle.com. When your scheduled time arrives, YOU must call your teacher, who will ask you questions based on the lessons contained within the current module. You will be graded based on your responses. Besides the final exam, the DBA’s are the best tool for the teacher to assess your progress in the class.

  • Is there an online textbook?
    For most classes, there is not an online textbook. Check with your teacher.

  • What is a CR class?
    CR is credit recovery. A CR (credit recovery) course has a CR code behind it (example: 4444CR), this indicates you are registered for a credit recovery course. CR courses are only for students that have taken the course previously and have failed it. Taking this course will allow that student to recover credit for that class for graduation purposes. However, it is not an equivalent grade replacement as far as their GPA is concerned. CR classes are also not recognized as meeting University or NCAA requirements.

  • Will I need to take notes?
    Yes. You need to use and maintain either a digital notebook or a traditional notebook. It is critical that you take good, detailed notes from every lesson, as this will be your primary source for studying for tests, quizzes, DBA’s, and the final exam. If there is a review lesson at the end of the module, it may be a good idea to look this over as you start the module so you have a better idea of the important vocabulary and concepts that you will be expected to know.

  • Where do I go to check my e-mail? How do I log into my e-mail? Do I have to use the e-mail the District gave me, or can I use my own?
    To check your e-mail,
    url: http://googleapps.susd.org 
    Username = first initial, last name, last 2 digits of student ID
    (example: jsmith37@susdgapps.org)
    Password = 8 digit birthdate mmddyyyy (example: 07271997)
    You MUST use your school e-mail (susdgapps) for eLearning communication.

  • What kinds of files can I upload into GradPoint?
    .doc(x), .pdf, .ppt(x), .xls(x), .rtf, .txt, .mp3 (audio), .aiff (audio), .wma (audio), .mp4 (video), .wmv (video). If there is a file type not listed that you would like to use, please e-mail your teacher to verify compatibility. If you use a Mac, you must convert your files to Windows-compatible formats.

  • When I save a file to upload into GradPoint, what should I name it?
    Your file name should include your last name, your student ID number, and the assignment/lesson number. For example, if you’re turning in assignment 2.04, your file name might be 112233_Smith_204.doc.

  • Are all science classes lab accredited, and how do I complete the labs?
    Currently, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science are lab accredited courses. Oceanographic & Marine Science and Astronomy are NOT lab accredited. Some labs are virtual and will be completed on-line. Others are hands-on and you must conduct the activity at home & complete a lab report that may be submitted on-line, scanned, or sent as a “photo” image.

  • What should I do if I don’t have Microsoft Office on my computer?
    Download a free word processing suite like Open Office (www.openoffice.org) or Libre Office (www.libreoffice.org). If you use a Mac, you can use Pages, Keynote and Numbers to create your assignments, but make sure to convert to .doc, .ppt or .xls when you save your file for submission. Your teacher CANNOT open iWork files.

  • Where do I go to download Adobe Reader?
    http://get.adobe.com/reader - this is a FREE download and is required for all courses to work properly.