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Coronado Success Initiative - UPDATE

Coronado Success Initiative - UPDATE
Mar 03, 2017


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Coronado Principal Letter 02/14/2017  CSI-Post-DesignDay-Newsletter Board Presentation - Coronado Model Coronado Success Initiative 01/19/17 



Dear Coronado High School Community,

As you know, the collaborative process known as the ‘Coronado Success Initiative’ kicked off last month with the gathering of an estimated 150 community members, teachers, current and former students, parents, business leaders and elected officials to begin the academic re-design of Coronado High School.

Under the guidance of Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, and with the financial support of the Charro Foundation, smaller groups engaged in frank, meaningful discussions about what Coronado High School was in the past, what it is today and what it needs to be in the future to better serve students of this learning community. They discovered common goals: among them, a school schedule that is more conducive to student learning and teacher planning, the need to produce college- and workplace-ready graduates, the need for additional training for teachers and a much-improved graduation rate. They saw a bright future for Coronado that is on par with the success of our other district high schools.

This discussion is ongoing, and today, I hope to add a key piece to it. I am very pleased to share with you that I will recommend to the Governing Board that Mr. Christopher Gilmore be named principal of Coronado High School for the 2017-2018 school year.

Mr. Gilmore has been principal of Winslow High School in Winslow, Arizona, for the past nine years. In that time, he has overseen the formation of teacher ‘professional learning communities’ within the school that have proved to be instrumental to its success. He is skilled in communicating with the school’s internal and external communities, and he understands how to direct resources to maximize student achievement. The result has been a dramatic increase in his school’s graduation rate. It is my belief that Mr. Gilmore is the leader Coronado High School needs.

By way of background, Mr. Gilmore received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education and master’s degree in educational leadership, both from Northern Arizona University. Prior to taking the principal’s position, he served as assistant principal, guidance counselor and social studies teacher at Winslow.

I am confident that Mr. Gilmore is the right choice for Coronado, and I look forward to introducing him to you in the coming weeks and months as the Coronado Success Initiative continues its mission.


A. Denise Birdwell